25 June 2015

Installing Google Hangouts on Firefox and Fedora 64 bit

I've work with companies who are using Google more and more.  The move to Google Docs is proving irresistible.  I have my own views on Google Apps, but they are now a fact of life.

Getting Hangouts to run on Firefox has eluded me in the past.  Google's web page makes it all sound so simple; it's just a download away.

Oh no, it isn't. To get it running, follow these steps.

First, download the current version of the Hangouts plugin and install it.  Next, copy the soft links libnpgoogletalk.so and libnpo1d.so from /usr/lib64/firefox/plugins to /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins.

Now (re)start Firefox.  Go to Tools (or Edit) | Add-ons and then select the Plugins tab.  You should see "Google Talk Plugin" and "Google Talk Plugin Video Renderer" listed.

Happy Hangouting.

28 February 2015

Long live and prosper, Leonard Nimoy

He's not really dead. As long as we remember him. 
Leonard McCoy - The Wrath of Khan

29 November 2014

HP 725 G2 and Fedora

I picked up a new laptop as my previous Pavilion was due for replacement.  Not because it was giving up the ghost, but because it is SO PIGGING HEAVY.  I've been working on-site where I'm required to bring my own laptop, which is unusual.  Most clients supply you with equipment of their own so that they know exactly what's loaded and can access their resources.  Not so my current client.

My laptop showed up and I ripped open the packaging with glee.  The task I always dread is WiFi.  WiFi is a nightmare on Linux.  Not that Linux is at fault, it's the manufacturers who don't think that Linux folks count.  The miscreant in this case is Broadcom.  Their support for Linux is patchy to say the least.

To get your laptop started follow the instructions here, but stop where it says to reboot.  You need to do one more thing - you need to disable interrupt mapping or you'll be wanting to stamp on your brand new beauty when the WiFi refuses to work.

Jump to this post and follow the instructions.

Now restart your computer.

Many thanks to R1348 for his post.

15 April 2014

Honestly, I was searching for a book

I was watching Dean Leffingwell's YouTube webinar on the Scaled Agile Framework when he referred to a book "Product Development Flow".  I'd seen this book previously and was curious why Dean thought this was such a good book.  I typed the name into the search bar of my Firefox browser and there was the book.  Hang on, what's that below it?  Er, no, I was looking for the book.  Really!

31 March 2014

The joy of programming

I mentioned previously that I don't code any more.  There was a time when I was a complete codehead, but those days are a long way behind me.  These days it's organising others to deliver the code and of which I have mixed feelings.  I transitioned from developer to team leader to project management over a period of years.  I ceased enjoying writing code as it always felt that I'd written the code before, no matter the language or deliverable.

Over the past week that changed.  My website was in need of some TLC.  I originally wrote the site in a few number days while on holiday.  While the site worked and looked OK, the fact that it was hacky in places was always in the back of my mind.  I wanted to fix those hacks and since my site needed attention, this was my opportunity.